Laurent Calais
team, this was required for various upcoming marketing activities (Press, Web, etc.). It was the first time we worked with him, probably not the last. We spent a nice time

Stéphane Schmutz
photographer Stéphane Schmutz ( in Fribourg after our last set. This was truly the fastest shoot with the biggest hit rate in the end…Four sets in about an hour

Stéphane Schmutz
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Bob Hunt
there are several sets of photographs from the tour on the photographs page). On this outstanding CD, a wonderful Ellington-based repertoire from the pen of arranger Bob Hunt

Bernard Flegar
just mustn t think that this might be the very last time. Please stay healthy, lots of luck & love. Bernard Flegar, Ulm, Germany. John Edmund Cooper: Thanks so much

Paul Adams
discographical information. Thanks to Linda & Paul Adams for this great CD album. Andreas Wandfluh, September 2009 The Big Chris Barber Band, Barber At Blenheim (The Big Chris Barber Band

Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood s made another movie about real events and heroic men, but this time he s dropped the real dudes into the film as themselves. Does this lend

Gerry Griffith
started in the midst of the trauma. Jen Kirby So you’ve been doing this for decades. Honestly, how do you do it? Gerry Griffith It’s interesting because

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