German Federal
business concept in order to offer total railway transportation solutions. Environmental Concerns During the past decades, passenger travel has shifted from rail to the car and the airplane. The German

Henry Marroum
Pharma and Laboratory Biolabor Ltda. Apartados 4962 29659, Bogotá, Colombia Environmental simulation, Heating technology Carrera 7 60-08, Apartado Aereo 91717, Bogotá, Colombia Environmental

Tom Foxall
buying cycle.” — Tom Foxall, Head of Sales, BPI On Demand Read the story Dongjiang Environmental Increases Transparency with Oracle Sales Cloud “Oracle Sales Cloud provides a 360-degree view

Georgia UGA
Athletic Association professor in public health and department head of the Department of Environmental Health Science in the College of Public Health and is a full faculty member

Gabriele Siegert
studies of eight countries Gabriele Siegert , Ulrike Mellmann , Loris Russi IPMZ - University of Zurich Environmental factors such as technological conditions, policy

Ivana Unkovic
ETHZ Ivana Unkovic, Stephan Koster, Dennis Majoe, Thomas Gross Envirobot Envirobot: A Bio-Inspired Environmental Monitoring Platform EPFL Alessandro Crespi, André Guinard, Behzad Bayat, and Auke Ijspeert Envirobot Flexible

Derek Kellenberg
Arik Levinson, and other papers by Martin Weitzman, have studied the formation of multinational environmental agreements, 23 and the problem posed by the possibility that a unilateral policy promulgated

Sabina Rome
operated in many different fields of application, such as: Pediatrics, Industrial applications, Environmental pollution

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