John Knox
Genevan Reformation, Louisville, Westminster John Knox Press, 2003. NAPHY William G., Calvin and Geneva, in : The Reformation world, London, Routledge

Philip Anthony
Calvin Alfred Parker, Ph D, David J. Parker, David W. Parker, Dennis L. Parker, Donald Parker, Ph D, Eugene N. Parker, Ph D, George W. Parker, H. William Parker

Vladimir Petrovich
Earl T. Torgerson, Eric D. Torguson, Calvin Douglas Tormanen, Ph D, Pascual E. Tormen, Albert L. Tormey, Joseph Torosian, William

William Park
Park, William Park, Cyril Parkanyi, Ph D, Wayne Parke, Anthony T. Parker, Ben H. Parker Jr., Ph D, Bert M. Parker, Ph D, Billy Y. Parker, DVM, Calvin Alfred Parker

Walter Calvin
Moore, W. Dupree Moore, Walter Calvin Moore, Walter L. Moore, Ph D, Wellington Moore, Ph D, William F. Moore, MD, William Moorhead, Ph D, Bernard J. Moormann

Anthony Emery
Anthony Emery, Philip H. Emery Jr., Ph D, William G. Emmerling, Calvin W. Emmerson, John L. Emmerson, Ph D, Thomas J. Emory, Richard F. Emslander, MD, Thomas H. Emsley

William Walter
Makayla) Culp Morgan, known as Jenny, holding the other twin and son William Walter Morgan. Youngest son Calvin Roscoe Morgan had not been born yet. Eugenia Mc Caila Culp

Benjamin Bird
made a purchase with Calvin, most likely referring to Calvin Bird. Polly made a purchase on the same day as William B Christian, Eli Shad and Randall Howell

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